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Robert Celano - Los Angeles Private InvestigatorMr. Robert A. Celano has been a practicing Private Investigator continuously since his licensure in 1984, subsequent to graduating from the Nick Harris Detective Academy. He has a previous law enforcement background with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department that spans back 20 years prior, having retired after 20 years of service. Mr. Celano enjoys an excellent reputation in the investigative field, he is well respected by his colleagues, and he is often consulted by his colleagues who seek his expertise, knowledge, and experience. He is frequently referred to attorneys by his long-standing relationships with other notable attorneys who have utilized his services continuously over the years, and he comes "Highly Recommended."

Robert A. Celano is the recipient of the J. Edgar Hoover Memorial Gold Medal Award for Distinguished Public Service, awarded on May 20, 1991.

Although Mr. Celano specializes in Criminal Investigations, he also undertakes Civil Investigations, Traffic Accident Investigations (including photography and measurements), Personal Injury Investigations, Skip-Tracing (Locates), Surveillance, Service of Legal Process, Statement Taking (written and recorded), Document Research, Background Investigations, and Attorney Support. Mr. Celano prepares concise, accurate, and detailed reports to his clients when needed, and he has been described as "Tenacious," Aggressive," "Thorough," and "Amazing" by his clients

Mr. Robert A. Celano has been, and continues to be qualified to provide testimony in all levels of the judicial system, and he belongs to a worldwide network of Private Investigators. Mr. Celano is a member of the Professional Investigators of California (PICA), Florida Association of Private Investigators (FAPI), and the Alliance of Investigative & Security Specialists (AIASS).

It has been, and shall continue to be the policy of this agency to extend honest and diligent efforts in the pursuit of all matters assigned. Through expert methods, we endeavor to obtain accurate and factual information for our clients. Robert A. Celano Private Investigations will strive to do everything possible to obtain information needed in a timely and economical fashion, and we will conduct ourselves in a professional, confidential, and discreet manner while representing you in your matter.

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